Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland N.V. addresses sustainability in an integrated manner, considering all economic, social, and environmental aspects. To serve that end, Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland N.V. adopts a business model that offers long-term benefit. While determining its business strategy, Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland N.V. acts with an awareness to create value for its customers, shareholders, employees, and all stakeholders.

In line with its responsible banking approach, Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland N.V. carries out sustainability projects based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland N.V. categorizes its environmental and social impacts as direct and indirect, and operates with a transparent, responsible, and accountable corporate governance approach.

Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland N.V. Sustainability Committee is the authority responsible for establishing the sustainability strategies and policies of Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland N.V., integrating sustainability into the corporate strategy and monitoring sustainability performance. The Committee, which also includes various business units and two Board Members, is co-chaired by the CEO every month to monitor the developments and carry out the approval processes in sustainability.

Click here for our Environmental and Social Policy.

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