Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

The deposit guarantee scheme (DGS) offers saving customers protection if a bank is no longer able to meet its financial obligations. The deposit guarantee scheme will then guarantee a maximum amount of € 100,000 in savings (including deposits) per person, per bank, regardless of the number of accounts. For joint accounts, this amount applies to each of the two account holders. Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland participates in the deposit guarantee scheme. The maximum guarantee of € 100,000 applies to the total amount of savings and deposits that you have with Yapi Kredi Bank Euro-Plus Savings Account, Yapi Kredi Bank Euro-Plus Deposit and Yapi Kredi Bank Deposit in Turkish Lira and US Dollar.

Investor Compensation Scheme (ICS)

In summary, the purpose of the investor compensation scheme (ICS) is to compensate individuals and 'small' companies who, as part of an investment service have entrusted money or financial instruments (e.g. securities or options) to an authorised bank, investment firm or financial institution where the institution concerned is unable to comply with its obligations ensuing from claims relating to that investment service.

More Information?

Would you like to know whether your bank is covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme / Investor Compensation Scheme? For more information, visit the DNB website:

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