Trade Finance

Bank provide the traders with the finance that he needs in order to tide him over during the period between the acquisition of the commodity and the receipt of the proceeds of a sales.

Advande payments are made to major suppliers (mills, refineries, acceptable third parties) depending on the Solvency & Reliability of the producers.

FCR Financing
Financing when the goods are ready at pot to be shipped (awaiting for the vessel nomination), controlled bu  forwarder company.

Bill of Lading Financing
Financing against B/L. Upon loading the goods on the vessel, BILL OF LADING is consigned to the order YKB NV.

Stock Financing
Financing against the goods stored in a third party warehouse for a short period of time.

Receivable Financing
When our clients finalize their obligation towards the end-buyer, we can finance their future receivable until the payment made by end-buyer.

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