Letter of Credits

Sight/Deferred/Stand-by LC's
Our client secures his purchase to be paid if and when conform documents are presented by the beneficiary.

Back to Back LC's
When the beneficiary of a credit who is not the actual supplier of goods wishes to open a second credit in favour of his supplier, the first credit not being transferable, he may request a bank to issue a back to back. 

Transferrable LC's
Initially, our trader receives an irrevocable export LC from a reputable bank. Our client secures his purchase to be paid if and when credit confirming documents are presented by the beneficiary, by transferring the export LC directly as an import LC. (Only amount adjustment to keep the profit of the trader).

In-House LC
LC's may also be issued directly to the supplier at Yap? Kredi Bank Nederland NV ("In-Hous LC's") without any other correspondent bank. In this case, documents checking and receiving of funds are much more faster. 

Documentary Collections
Any documents (Bill of Exchanges, customer cheques, documents under an export LC, etc) send to be paid by the end-buyer through banking system. Yapi Kredi Bank NV has a fast and robust service managed by a senior trade finance operations team.

Letter of Guarantees
Our client secures his purchase to be paid any time requested by the beneficiary with/without any documents presentation.

Acceptance and Aval


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