About us


Our team of qualified professionals, dedicated to specific corporate portfolios, has a strongly independent decision-making power and at regional marketing level receives support from specialists in the Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Foreign and Services sectors. 

Operating alongside the Unicredit network in Europe and Yapı Kredi network in Turkey, we ensure the development of ordinary banking business with the competitive advantage of maximum closeness to the Customer.

Apart from credit allocation, Corporate Banking Department offers support to Corporate Customers in their internationalisation processes, in the search for new opportunities and new markets, in fine-tuning and implementing innovative projects. It can provide help through its financial products and services, designed to improve the financial balance of a company, to support its development plans and projects, even with the use of its own network in specific economic areas of business.

The complementary nature of the distribution and operations networks means that the new setup can offer European and Turkish companies an opportunity in terms of a closer relationship with the bank, a better quality of that relationship and a wider range of services offered.

Service Model

The Service Model is based on the relation between enterprise and bank. It’s a client centric model close to customers’ needs and expectations. Closeness to our customers and territorial proximity are ensured by the bank business consultants and specialists, who are the first entry point.

The individual relationship model gives the opportunity to offer a wide range of products and tailor-made solutions in order to become “the partner” for our customers, improve their activities, satisfy timely their request, accompany them in the increase process and development.

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